DS Herbacare Private Limited was established with a vision to educate people to come closure to nature and add organic food supplements to their daily lifestyle for healthy living. These organic food supplements are organically farmed and certified as per international standards. DS HERBACARE as a company has a very crucial responsibility towards the society to educate people about living food and its benefits to mankind. The company is built on honesty, integrity and transparency. DS HERBACARE empowers people from all walks of life to create a healthier, wealthier lifestyle while making a difference in their world. In this endeavour we have acquired a rich client base across Indian sub continent.

"DS HERBACARE was founded with 2 Clear Goals in mind. HEALTH AND WEALTH"


DS HERBACARE has a goal to provide solutions for natural and organic health which are scientifically-proven, natural and organic ingredients to create powerful synergistic formulas that produce life-changing results. Our motto is to increase and maintain health of healthy person and to devoid disease of the unhealthy person thereby increase the age .Yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery, today is a gift, that is why it is called "PRESENT". If we take care of our present our future will surely be a gift for us.


Personal opportunity and economic opportunity go hand in hand. With DS HERBACARE you have the freedom to change your life by starting your own business. DSHPL has a goal to help every Distributors achieve success by providing a fair and rewarding compensation plan at all levels starting from day one. To support them we have an automated online marketing system to help level the playing field for Distributors regardless of their skills and experience.